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Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Servers

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Data Security


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Providing technical services for DC, Maryland, Virginia

DMV Web Tech provides IT support, web design and development, web hosting and security to homes and small businesses


Completely lost or just need some questions answered? Let us know what you need and we will help you get it done, even if its only an hour of work.

Web Development

We develop our sites and web-applications on a LAMP (linux/apache/mysql/php). We utilize cutting-edge standards and techniques.

Managed Hosting

Whether you need just a tiny amount of space or a dedicated server, we can evaluate your needs and get you setup. We can manage your site and even your content!

Remote Support

Having an issue? Call us up! Chances are, we can simply connect to your machine remotely and get you fixed up.


We take security very seriously. Anything we build will be designed with security in mind from the start. We also offer security assessment services for your existing websites, applications and network.

Reasonable Fees

While we cannot work for free, our fees are reasonable and affordable for small businesses and home users. We also offer pro-bono support for local non profits and charities!